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Flexible in-house legal support at discounted hourly rates.

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What is HCR Flex?

A flexible ongoing secondment, providing day to day legal support on commercial matters, at an affordable price. You can flex the service up or down as your needs change and save up to 50% on hourly rates.

Commercial. Available. Expert.

HCR Flex turns the traditional legal charging model on its head. You can use HCR Flex to top up your in-house counsel, or as an alternative if you need specialist legal expertise or to cover a gap in your team. The flexible model allows you to control your costs.

We provide on-site, expert help. We don’t get tied up in internal matters so we get the job done. As an extension of your team, we understand your business so we will always give you a view that moves you forward.

Why choose HCR Flex?

  • It’s great value – because we know your business, we can provide mission-relevant advice, quickly. You can save up to 50% on hourly rates, depending on your commitment
  • It gives you certainty and control – you can flex up or down the support you need as your needs change. You have full visibility of costs up front
  • Our advice is pragmatic and commercial. You can trust us.

Frequently Asked Questions about HCR Flex

HCR Flex is for businesses who want to complement their in-house counsel, or as an alternative to in-house counsel, by having access to commercial legal expertise as and when required.

All businesses can benefit from HCR Flex – from those that are overburdened and lacking capacity to oversee legal compliance, to those who need bespoke legal training for staff or are getting ready for the next stage in their journey – be that MBO, sale, acquisition or investment.

HCR Flex means you can dial up or down the support you need by switching between arrangements. These include a retained service for those who need less than seven hours’ a month advice, and onsite secondment providing dedicated support for one or more day each month along with a remote service or mix of the two – we can even provide interim secondments when your in-house team are at capacity or on leave. Our solicitors will be fully briefed about you and your business so they hit the ground running.

You’ll have visibility throughout, meaning you can request more or less help as you need it – with monthly invoices and quarterly reconciliations you can see how much time you use and switch accordingly. If you need to terminate, you can with 30 days’ notice at any time.

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Find out how HCR Flex has helped other in-house lawyers

HCR Flex is a highly effective legal support solution for Roxel. Dan and the team regularly provide focused solution in a timely manner at a cost-effective price.

Adrian Banks Managing Director, Roxel Group

HCR Flex has helped to support the Poundland in-house legal team with unexpected increases in workload by providing expert legal advice at short notice. Gurinder has been a constant support for the team and the business generally.

Hardeep Atwal General Counsel, Poundland

Rebecca’s HE expertise has been invaluable, as has the expertise of her colleagues in other legal specialisms. We appreciate the commercial approach of ‘our’ UniFlex team – their ability to see things from our perspective rather than from a purely legal standpoint has been very important.

I also appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness of the service. Our arrangement is for a set number of hours a week, but they aren’t on a particular day. It means we can reach out at short notice and there are no bottlenecks in turning matters around.

Alison Sear University Solicitor and Clerk to the Governing Body

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