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In India, our collaboration with the Mumbai-based India Law Alliance (ILA) enables us to provide the advice our clients in the UK-Indian corridor need. Lawyers in both firms share experience and skills which benefits the clients of both firms and enables us to provide advice on multi-jurisdictional transactions. The depth and breadth of our advice, led by Syed Alam at HCR and Anupam Dighe of ILA, includes representation of clients in the lower courts right up to the Apex Court, and managing inbound Indian investments.

Our approach

The depth and breadth of ILA’s experience in India, including representation of clients in the lower courts right up to the Apex Court, and managing inbound Indian investments, providing corporate and tax advice which means that HCR’s clients will enjoy the same level of service in their Indian business transactions as they do in the UK.

Syed Alam

Partner, Head of Real Estate Healthcare

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Our service to clients

We offer a range of services at a fixed price:

Counterparty due diligence

This involves investigation into a company you might wish to work with. It covers legal, commercial (and sometimes political) investigation into the entity, and usually some investigation into the individual behind that entity.

Contract acclimatisation

We take a contract that you are comfortable with, for example a supply contract or a distribution contract, and make sure it works in a foreign country. At the very least we check that the dispute resolution and execution blocks work, and consider any clauses that might be inapplicable (or perhaps even illegal) to enforce in that country.

Translation and naming

This is often part of contract acclimatisation but is also a standalone service. When it comes to the law, word-for-word language translation simply isn’t good enough. Because we translate with context, we ensure that the translation is sensitive to the specific legal meanings of words, and also that an appropriate language clause is inserted into the contract where necessary.


We make sure your operations are being conducted in accordance with local requirements and highlight any risks or issues you might not have known to ask about.

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