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Private Wealth and Family Offices

When you’ve worked hard to grow your personal wealth it’s important to have advisors that can help you protect and manage it effectively, and ensure it is passed on through generations or dealt with as decided by you. Our experts work with private individuals and family offices, to help you get the most from your assets, now and in the future.

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Our Experience – protecting, managing, and passing on your wealth

Decisions around the best courses of action for handling your personal wealth can be complex and potentially sensitive. Our wealth management solicitors can provide legal advice on all aspects including:

  • Estate planning
  • Succession planning and passing on wealth
  • Corporate structures for family offices, family businesses and family investment companies
  • Structuring ownership of landed estates and agricultural assets
  • Private client homes
  • Tax efficient structures
  • Trusts
  • Managing risk and resolving disputes
  • Managing family reputation
  • Privately funded criminal defense and investigations
  • Regulation and corporate governance
  • Heritage property
  • Philanthropy
  • Residency and domicile status
  • Family law, including pre-nuptial, cohabitation agreements, and divorce
  • Putting plans in place if you have vulnerable family members.

We take the time to understand your personal and family circumstances, and your wishes for the future.

How can we help you?

Our Clients – who we work with

Our private wealth solicitors work with individuals, high net worth individuals, family offices, multi-family offices, trustees, executives, land owners and business owner-managers.

If you already have a family office in place, we can work with your other professional advisors. When it comes to the management of your family office, you’ll want the best people around you – we can advise on employment and HR matters, helping drive your success.

If you are looking to set up a family office, we can advise you on the best structure to maximise your wealth and protect its future and ensure compliance with the necessary governance and regulatory requirements.

Across borders

We regularly advise on UK tax and succession strategies in cases involving non-UK elements. Our international connections mean we can help you and your family get the advice you need, no matter where you, your family office, or your assets are located. Our immigration advisors can also help if you wish to bring wealthy family members to the UK.

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