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30 November 2020

Why the long face? Common employment issues for equine businesses

A few weeks ago, Horse & Hound reported on the findings of a survey of grooms carried out by the...

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20 November 2020

Why E.C Drummond is investing in agri tech

The Drummond family has been farming in Herefordshire since 1956. Today, E.C Drummond is based around poultry production, soft fruit...

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18 November 2020

Covid-19 and acquiring fishing rights by prescription

We have previously explained how fishing rights could be acquired by prescription (long use) in a previous article. Fishing rights...

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13 November 2020

A fydd cwmnïau bridio moch yn cael eu gorfodi i adael y DU ar ôl Brexit?

Efallai y bydd cwmnïau bridio moch yn cael eu gorfodi i adael y DU oni bai bod trafodaethau Brexit ...

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11 November 2020

Looking after horses during lockdown

The new Coronavirus Restrictions Regulations came into force on 4 November 2020 and replaced the restrictions previously in force –…

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6 November 2020

Will Pig-breeding firms be forced to leave the UK post-Brexit?

Pig-breeding companies may be forced to quit the UK unless Brexit negotiations successfully tackle issues surrounding exports, the National Pig...

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23 October 2020

Mud on road and other obstructions

Where there’s rain, there’s mud, and we all know that mud on the roads causes both complaints and wor...

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23 October 2020

Dairy contract reform

Defra’s consultation into the regulation of dairy contracts came to an end in September. With the sector still working i...

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7 October 2020

Funding the future of farming

The farming industry has known for some time that as a consequence of the UK’s departure from the EU, t...

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30 September 2020

Brexit – what will it mean for beef and lamb exports and meat standards?

Beyond 1 January 2021 new trading relationships with the EU and the rest of the world will begin –those are…

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