Family Mediation

Mediation is a process that offers separating partners a confidential, safe environment in which they are supported and encouraged to reach their own decisions about financial issues or children matters.  Facilitated by specialist trained mediators, this is achieved over a series of meetings.

Harrison Clark Rickerbys Mediation Service offers a unique blend of co-mediation with two highly experienced traditional Family Lawyers, one male and one female, to provide balance during the process.

All of our mediators can also provide a sole mediation service, with one mediator working with the parties, where required.

Mediation can be very constructive in reducing both the emotional and financial costs of separation and has a high success rate.

Memorandum of Understanding

If the parties are able to reach an outcome that they are both happy with, the Mediators prepare a Memorandum of Understanding document incorporating the agreed terms. This means that the traditional role of the solicitor is then limited into converting that Memorandum to a binding legal agreement for the purposes of any subsequent divorce or separation process, thus reducing the costs.

Mediators are keen to ensure that both parties are offered a safe environment. The discussions are without prejudice, although any documents produced are subsequently made available in any legal process thereafter.

So how does Mediation differ?

It differs because the parties, with guidance and assistance from the Mediators, reach their own decisions rather than having decisions imposed upon them by a court – a process which can often take months of legal wrangling and huge costs.

Research has clearly shown that if parties reach their own agreement on a consensual basis, it is more likely to improve relations in the future and that can be absolutely crucial where children are concerned. Remember, your children will grow up and there will be graduations, weddings, birthdays and christenings, when parents will have to come together at a later date.

There is a myth that mediation is marriage guidance counselling. It is not. It is assisting the parties to reach decisions about their future in terms of their housing needs, finances and children arrangements.

What is Mediation suitable for?

Mediation is suitable for any issue whatsoever. It may be to consider how separation itself will proceed, immediate housing or financial needs. Longer term issues such as future housing, the resolution of business issues, pensions and more importantly the children arrangements.

For those parties who genuinely have a desire to resolve matters themselves, mediation can be a very empowering and cost effective way of proceeding. There is no endless solicitors’ correspondence and, more particularly, in a decision imposed upon you by a Court. The decision that you reach will be your own.

Our specialist Family Mediation Solicitors are available to see you at any of our six offices, located in Worcester, Birmingham, Cheltenham, Hereford, the Wye Valley and the Thames Valley. We also have a serviced office in London available by appointment.