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Divorce guidance leads to settlement and new beginning thanks to family lawyer

13th September 2022

When a wife required guidance through her divorce, she turned to Sally Robinson for help. She needed advice on a range of topics from a financial settlement to arrangements for the children, and she was particularly concerned that her husband was not paying the correct level of maintenance and that she would not be able to stay in the family home with the children.

Sally provided support and understanding to her client, offering various options as to how the children and financial matters could be dealt with, including alternative dispute resolution options.

A divorce settlement was achieved following the exchange of financial documents; so all assets, income and liabilities were transparent. An expert pension actuary was also instructed as part of the process to consider the pension values and provide offset calculations. This ultimately meant that Sally could advise on a settlement that enabled her client to remain living in the family home.

Mediation was agreed to  discuss the arrangements for the children which proved successful,  and Sally drafted the outcome and additional practical issues that were subsequently agreed into a parenting agreement for future reference.

Sally also provided emotional support to her client, with the process empowering her to make difficult decisions during an emotional and upsetting time.

Following the case, Sally said: “It is extremely fulfilling to witness clients grow in confidence; often emerging from the worst time of their life, to see them develop hope and make future plans. I’m pleased to have been part of my client’s journey to a new life.”

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