Our team of divorce solicitors understand that divorce can often be a painful and difficult process. We have a team of expert lawyers who are trained to minimise the stress caused and ensure that you are guided through the divorce process in a sensible, straightforward and, if possible, amicable manner.

Under current UK divorce law you cannot petition for divorce until you have been married for at least one year.  The only ground for divorce is irretrievable breakdown which can be proved by relying on one of the following facts:-

  • Adultery;
  • Unreasonable behaviour;
  • Two years’ separation by consent;
  • Five years separation; and
  • Desertion.

We can advise you on the appropriate ground and guide you through the divorce papers to ensure that the divorce is as quick and easy as possible.

The divorce process can be split into three simple stages:-

  1. The drafting and issuing of a divorce petition;
  2. Decree Nisi (the first stage of divorce); and
  3. Decree Absolute (dissolution of the marriage or civil partnership).

The process can take anything from four months to a year and is often dependent upon the settlement of financial matters.

It is important to take legal advice at an early stage of proceedings to ensure your position is adequately protected.

We also have expert lawyers in international family law if you or your husband/wife are a foreign national or live abroad. Choosing an appropriate jurisdiction is an important step and you must act swiftly to avoid being unfairly prejudiced.

Please contact any one of our family law solicitors located at our offices in Worcester, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Hereford, the WyeValley or Thames Valley for further advice on how to get divorced. We also have a serviced office in London where one of our family lawyers can meet with you.