Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

If you are going through the process of separating from your partner, you may be worried about having to go through court proceedings. However, since April 2014, before an application can be made to court, you and your partner will be required to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

The MIAM meeting is to ensure you are aware that there are often effective alternatives to court, and to discuss with you whether mediation could be used as a means of resolving the difficulties between you and your partner.

The courts will be reluctant to proceed with issuing an application without proof that a MIAM has occurred, unless there are excusable reasons.

What is a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting?

The MIAM is a meeting between you and one of our mediators to find out if there is another way to resolve your problems instead of through the courts. We have two MIAM Mediators in-house, Jonathan Brew and Brenda Spain. Both will be able to provide you with advice on mediation, and other methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution. If no other solution can be found, they are able to advise on formal court proceedings.

During the meeting, our mediators will explain to you:

  • What your options are
  • The process of mediation, and how it may work for you
  • The benefits of mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • The costs associated with mediation

The first MIAM meeting can just be with yourself and one of our mediators, but your ex-partner can be seen as well, if you both agree.

How long is the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting?

The meeting generally takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, but more time can be scheduled if there’s any more information you would like from our mediators.

How much does a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting cost?

Contact our mediators, Jonathan Brew and Brenda Spain for an individual quote today.

What happens after the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting?

After your MIAM, if our mediators doubt that mediation is an appropriate course of action for you, they will supply you with a form of verification of the fact that you have attended a MIAM. The courts will then allow any formal application to proceed.

Mediation Information Assessment Meetings are available at any of our offices, located in Worcester, Cheltenham, BirminghamHereford, the Wye Valley and the Thames Valley. We also have a serviced office in London.