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The GDPR, or rather organisations that have been caught breaching it, has grabbed many headlines over the last year. With enforcement action and prosecution a real risk to businesses that don’t comply, it’s important to stay informed.

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Since its introduction, the GDPR has made waves in the management of personal data globally, and this continues to be an area of concern to UK businesses post Brexit, as we adjust to the new status of “third country” in our relationship with the EU. From a data compliance perspective, in the UK, the GDPR continues to be important and is backed up by our own national legislation, the Data Protection Act 2018. Where UK business trades into the EEA, whether directly selling to individual consumers or through local distributors, the management of the personal data of individuals based in the EEA now needs special attention. We can help you comply and avoid expensive and damaging enforcement action or fines, for non-compliance.

We have produced, and regularly update, a number of blogs and articles on recent cases and developments in data protection, also hosting webinars and events to support your business and allow you to meet our advisors.

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