From DJ to divorces – the life of a family lawyer

22nd October 2019

Helping people through the toughest times of their lives, James Grigg, partner in our family law team in the Wye Valley, has not only tackled some of the thorniest legal issues but also has some hidden skills.

“I was once a radio DJ, ” he said, ” and I had my own breakfast show, but my job now is much more satisfying – I have a real passion for the law, no two days are ever the same and it’s a real privilege to help people through an incredibly difficult time of their lives.”

Much of his work centres on divorce or separation, including the complex issues of finance and children, often the most emotional and challenging aspects of the process. He is a trained collaborative lawyer and accredited as a specialist by Resolution, which encourages the resolution of cases without going to court.

One of the highest profile cases in which he’s been involved touched upon the subject of children and the rights of would-be parents – he acted in a case where, after a couple’s relationship broke down, the future of frozen embryos came into question.

He said: “The issue was whether a party’s consent to the use of the embryos could be overridden after the relationship broke down – it was a major case and went to the highest levels of justice in this country and in Europe, and we were successful each time.

“It was very high-profile and very demanding, but the fact that I can do my own advocacy meant that I could give my client continuity throughout, which is really important in such a protracted and complex case. ”

In spite of all this, James hasn’t abandoned all his musical connections – he said: “Outside work my neighbours can testify to my drumming – it’s enthusiastic!”

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