Webinar: Ask the legal experts in partnership with Meat Business Women

4th September 2020


As businesses begin to return to normal, or adapt to the ‘new normal’, following the pandemic and with Brexit on the horizon, many are asking questions about the way forward, not least in the meat industry.

In this webinar hosted by Meat Business Women, our experts answer your legal questions.

Questions answered by:

This webinar is 46 minutes 36 seconds. Topics of conversation focus on (timings are in brackets):

  • (02:18) How to manage cashflow?
  • (07:12) Do businesses have to vary existing contracts – can they not simply terminate and enter into a new contract?
  • (11:28) How much notice do you have to give for a redundancy and how do you calculate the payment?
  • (18:35) Is there a need to take external health and safety risk assessments at employees’ homes or is there a template that they can complete which employers can keep on record?
  • (20:15) Are all cash grants subject to tax?
  • (23:10) What to do if there aren’t enough resources to fulfil customer contracts, rather than resorting to terminating or varying contracts?
  • (30:55) How does a business continue to comply accurately with regulations when there is so much change?
  • (32:25) How can we protect our business against the risk of a customer owing us money going bust?
  • (37:50) What sort of employment claims are we now seeing arising out of the pandemic?
  • (42:56) Key advice for a workplace risk assessment
  • (44:05) Can an employer force you to go back to the workplace if you are living with someone who is shielding?