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GDPR and Data Protection

Business data presents significant opportunity and risk. Our data protection experts take a hands-on, commercially minded approach, demystifying the law and giving you a better understanding of the data you hold. We take the time to understand your business and operational objectives so that your data processing, procedures, policies and compliance work for you and your business.

Driving results through data

Not all data is good data, but we’ll help you make informed legal decisions about what you hold, how you hold it and how you can use it to build customer confidence. It goes without saying that minimising the risk of a breach is crucial, but should your data be compromised we’ll help protect you from financial penalties and reputational harm by responding quickly, professionally and discreetly.

Our specialist data protection lawyers have particular experience in cloud based software, IoT, AI, IT infrastructure, life sciences, blockchain, retail, ecommerce, big data, machine learning, biometrics and cyber security.

How can we help you?

GDPR expert advisors

Big data is big business, but also high risk if you don’t know what data you are collecting, storing or sharing. In addition to well established personal data, biometric and customer authentication data is, or soon will be, included under the GDPR. As experts we regularly run workshops, produce useful literature, such as our Data Breach Survival Guide, and give specialist GDPR advice and training. We regularly advise those who have suffered a data breach, working with the ICO on their behalf. Privacy interpretations and best practice advice to data protection and compliance officers, or managers, are services we frequently provide to directors. Whether you need advice on the GDPR or privacy policies, GDPR training or a GDPR audit we are your go to experts.

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