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Family issues are often complex, sensitive and require a careful, considerate approach. Mediation can help to settle matters in a safe environment, away from the pressures of court, and is extremely cost effective. Our experienced mediators can help you with a range of issues, including finances, divorce and matters involving children.

Committed to a fair outcome

Mediation can be an emotional process, as you might expect when talking about difficult circumstances. People bring different expectations to the table, and might decide that they want to ring-fence certain assets or set conditions. We’re committed to achieving a fair outcome for our clients, so we’ll help to keep everyone focused on what is really important in the process and ensure that all assets and circumstances are taken into consideration to reach a successful conclusion.

We provide a safe space for mediation to take place, but we know that sometimes the process can create tension. Our trained team of family lawyers are patient and considerate, and are adept at quickly diffusing difficult situations, ensuring all parties are on board and are committed to talk.

Roopa Ahluwalia

Partner, Head of Family, Cambridge

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How does mediation work?

If you’d like to move forward with mediation, we’ll meet to discuss your needs, then arrange appointments with the other party. When the outcome of the mediation is successful, we provide a fully drafted memorandum of understanding with supporting documentation that each party will then have to obtain independent legal advice upon.

However, we’re very thorough, and these documents are usually sufficient to be submitted to court, either by us if you’re our client or by the other party’s lawyer.

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