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AHA tenancy reorganisation over 4,000 acres following Partner’s expertise

Reorganising and updating Agricultural Holdings Act (AHA) tenancy agreements can be difficult at the best of times – but this is particularly true if you’re dealing with over 4,000 acres of land across both AHAs and Farm Business Tenancies. That’s why one Oxford College spoke to Stephanie Dennis about their agreements.

Stephanie prepared drafts of the documents and advised her client on these. One of the principal focusses was to ensure that by amalgamating the two agreements, the arrangement between the landlord and tenant remained an AHA.

The structure composed by Stephanie will assist the college in continuing a good landlord-tenant relationship and allow the tenant to move the land onto the next generation. As an institutional landlord, the college sees themselves as a custodian of the land for future generations –they’re not only doing what they can for their tenant, but also for the future of the land.

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