Client Story

A vital part of the team for global HR and payroll services

11th June 2019

Providing not only the means to generate tailored contracts for a global provider of HR and payroll services across 76 countries, but also support with negotiations, Charles Drayson and our commercial team were able to act as an extension of the company’s in-house team.

The client’s services are IT-based and includes paying millions of employees globally, hosting the HR data for many of their household-name customers and ensuring that the correct taxes are paid. Documenting each customer’s specific solution in a contract and being ready to negotiate contracts when the occasion arises, when the contracts are complex, both legally and technically, is a challenge.

Creating each customer contract manually, with or without legal support, would be cumbersome -they sign more than 1,000 contract documents a year. We were able to work collaboratively with their legal and contracts management teams by deploying an automated document generation tool so that business users could generate tailored contracts. This freed up their in-house legal and contract teams to deal with exceptional projects and customer negotiations.

When they were too busy, we provided overspill support for the negotiations. Our knowledge of their business and our experience of handling IT and outsourcing contracts allowed us to act like an extension of their in-house team.

Many of our clients are on the supply side of IT contracts and many sell products and services that are business-critical and used by large customer organisations. Keeping those sales moving and treating customers well are crucial to their success, so commercially-aware legal support plays an important role in that process.

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