Client Story

Defence, Security and the Forces Case Study

24th April 2018

We acted for a defence contractor supplying complex software to MOD (jamming of remote triggers for IEDs).

The company’s secure computer network had been compromised by a senior employee who had transferred data to a home computer with a view to establishing a competing business. The security breach threatened the client’s List X status and ran the risk that the MOD would suspend or terminate orders. The issue was of equal concern to the MOD, as the safety of serving military in Afghanistan was considered to be dependent upon the client’s ability to undertake constant development of the software to overcome parallel development of the remote triggers to avoid jamming.

We worked with the client to prepare applications to the High Court for springboard injunctions to restrain unlawful misuse of the data and to compel return of the material and deletion from all servers to which it had been transferred.

We also worked with MOD Police to assist searches of the offending employee’s home and premises with a view to prosecution. The mater was successfully resolved and the client’s supply to the MOD was maintained without interruption.

It was crucial that the senior MOD personnel involved were satisfied that the company was adequately advised and represented, and was taking all available steps within the shortest possible time frame to protect the MOD’s interests. It was also vital that the MOD and MOD Police had sufficient confidence in HCR’s abilities to approve HCR’s involvement in their investigations.

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