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Agricultural Disputes

We don’t just keep up with the agricultural industry, we make it our mission to stay one step ahead, ensuring we’re well informed and always looking to the next big change or development. That means we can understand and prepare for policy changes and commercial innovations before they affect the industry. Knowing the industry as we do, our experienced team can help with any agricultural dispute whether supply contracts, agricultural tenancies and succession claims or issues with family partnerships.

We speak your language

It’s not just PR spin – we really know farming. Our solicitors understand the pressures, terminology and demands on the agricultural community and have a detailed knowledge of the technical issues in this field. We make it our business to get to know you and your business so that our advice is focused on your needs.

This grass-roots affinity with the industry, coupled with our unrivalled legal expertise, means we are often called on to advise on the following:

  • Tenancy disputes – succession tenancies and notices to quit
  • Commercial contracts – stock, seeds supply, crop or stock sale
  • Partnership and business disputes
  • Boundary issues, rights of way and other property disputes
  • Commons
  • Estoppel claims
  • Fishing rights and fishery disputes
  • Firearms licences
  • Regulatory and health and safety advise
  • Environmental advice

How can we help you?

High-profile experience

We have a wealth of experience of dealing with high-profile cases, in which fast thinking and technical knowledge are critical to balance the legal issues with your best interests and the battle for public opinion.

Whatever the nature of your farming business if matters fail to run smoothly we have legal experts who will be in your corner whatever situation you find yourself in.

Acting for one client in relation to the horsemeat scandal, we rallied to be on-site in Mid Wales within hours to deal with both the regulator and the media. Similarly, we’ve handled major pollution incidents, calling in expert contacts from related fields such as hydrology and engineering to work with us on a focused outcome of damage limitation and minimised impact upon our client.

We know that if you own rural property or have a rural business, disputes of some sort are inevitable. With our experience and knowledge of the industry, we will have a legal expert to advise you.

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