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Although marriage is not necessarily as common these days, the issues that arise when a cohabiting relationship comes to an end are still very much the same. When you leave a relationship with someone you live with, we can help you with disputes involving property, children and finances, allowing you to move forward with confidence.

A holistic approach

The law relating to cohabiting couples is often complex, especially when property ownership is shared. A lot depends on how you originally set up your financial arrangements, so we take our time to establish a clear financial history throughout your relationship, giving us clear guidance on how to proceed.

When children are involved, we know that, for example, the sale of a property may need to be deferred for their benefit. Therefore, we look at all the circumstances and help you to put together a clear roadmap for your future.

How can we help you?

Considering the future

Although we’ll do everything we can in the event of a relationship ending, we know that prevention is often better than cure. If you’re about to engage in a new relationship and start living with someone, it’s worth considering a living together agreement – similar to a pre-nuptial agreement – to prevent any unpleasant or costly disputes later down the line.

We have substantial experience in creating these agreements, taking property and financial assets into account, and with the help of our Private Client team, help you to draft or change your will accordingly.

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