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If a relationship has reached its natural end and you’d prefer to separate with as little fuss as possible, collaborative law can be a simple way of resolving disputes amicably. In collaborative law, we don’t involve the court – instead, our specially accredited collaborative lawyers help you work through the issues via mediation, minimising cost, delay and upset.

Collaborative law is most popular among clients who want to separate with dignity and agree a way forward without long, drawn-out court proceedings. This lawyer-led mediation is designed to constructively address issues and promote compromise, saving time and cost.

The collaborative process can be used to resolve issues including divorce, financial matters, civil partnership disputes, cohabitee disputes and issues surrounding children.

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How does it work?

If you decide to move forward with the collaborative process, we’ll explain the process in full and set up a series of joint meetings with your former partner and their collaborative lawyer. It’s usually considerably shorter than the court process – on average, there are just two or three meetings needed to reach an agreement. This is then turned into a legally binding agreement, approved by the court in your absence.

At the start of the process, you and your former partner will be asked to sign a Participation Agreement, which confirms that you both agree not to fight matters through the court. This is why we recommend the process to those who are approaching separation in sadness, rather than anger.

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