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Whether you’re planning on returning to your home country following the end of a relationship or are seeking divorce after coming back to the UK, we have a great deal of experience in international family law cases. With years of experience and thousands of cases under our belt, our team has had dealings with most legal jurisdictions around the world, so we’re well placed to provide practical advice and assistance.

Helping children across borders

When a relationship ends, you may wish to relocate your child to your home country, or alternatively prevent them from being removed from their residing country. We have extensive experience in this area. In cases involving relocation, we’ll advise on both the legal challenges and practical issues that come as a result, and work within the jurisdiction in the other country to ensure everything goes smoothly. We also have experience in handling cases resulting from international child abduction, working quickly to help you take back control.

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Making divorce simpler

Even if you lived in a different country throughout your marriage, we can help you to obtain the best and most appropriate divorce settlement for your circumstances on your return to the UK. We may be able to obtain a better settlement by examining the legal framework in each jurisdiction and determining where the advantage lies.

For example, in one case, we advised a client who had been married to a South African national and returned to the UK upon ending her marriage. We advised her on an emergency basis and issued an urgent claim to seize jurisdictional advantage, securing a sizeable financial package in England that was far beyond what she could have expected in South Africa.

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