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Bringing a new investor into your business is a significant decision and for Caminelle Apperly’s clients Nicholas and Linda Rumney at BBR Optometry Ltd in Hereford, it was important that their own involvement in the business for the future was well-structured.

Caminelle, with support from Arpinder Dhillon and assistance from Sasha Nelson, acted for the Rumneys on the sale of some of their shares to a national investor group. She reviewed and negotiated a share purchase agreement, along with various other ancillary documents and advised them on a shareholders’ agreement and articles of association to regulate the business relationship going forward.

Nicholas Rumney said afterwards:

“We at BBR Optometry and as individuals, are rarely used to solicitors and asking for legal advice except when it’s needed. If our experience with HCR is anything to go by you should never be nervous of proper professional advice and their quality is always worth it.

It’s the mantra we abide by in our business at BBR Optometry, to offer first class pertinent and up to date clear ophthalmic advice. This is exactly what HCR brought to our recent needs.

In particular, we’d like to single out the partnership oversight of Arpinder Dhillon, the pragmatic detailed legal advice and explanation from Caminelle Apperly and the organisational skills of Sasha Nelson. The HCR team represented our interests throughout and were flexible in terms of timing. You always need a balance of the big picture and attention to detail. HCR have both, in spades. An excellent experience.”


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