Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse, otherwise known as domestic violence, is an unfortunately increasingly common occurrence. Our solicitors we understand that it often takes a great deal of time and courage for a victim to seek assistance. We therefore have a team of domestic violence solicitors that can assist you and guide you through the domestic violence legislation at what is an inevitably difficult time.

We offer a confidential and sympathetic approach, providing support and knowledgeable legal advice. If necessary, and with your consent, we can liaise with outside agencies, such as the police and women’s or men’s refuge organisations, to ensure you have the correct support and assistance whilst receiving the best legal advice.

What is Domestic Violence?

There are many forms of domestic violence.

Domestic violence refers to actions by one person that cause harm to another or that cause or have the potential to cause physical harm; sexual abuse and more recently psychological harm.  It can encompass domestic assault, domestic battery, domestic abuse and emotional abuse.

It is the sad reality that it is very common and it affects men as well as women.

There are any number of ways in which it can be tackled.

Under the domestic violence legislation, an application can be made to the Family Court for an injunction.

If you are married or are living with someone, an application can be made for an injunction under the Family Law Act 1996.  We can apply for a “Non Molestation” injunction order to prevent another person from using or threatening violence against you.  An injunction should prevent the other person harassing, pestering or otherwise bothering you. It can be more widely drafted to exclude pretty much any particular activity that is causing or has the potential to cause you harm.

An “Occupation Order” is another remedy and is used to exclude a person from a property or if they have left the home will prevent them from returning to the property. In appropriate cases you can also ask the court to impose an exclusion zone around your property to stop someone approaching your house, place of work or children’s school.

If you are not married or living with the person who is causing the abuse, other forms of protection are available.

Breach of a number of orders is now an arrestable offence under the new laws on domestic violence and, if not dealt with by the police, can be dealt with by the Family Court.

We also understand that you may be on the wrong end of an application under the domestic violence legislation.

Please note we do not offer legal aid for domestic violence cases.

Our specialist domestic violence and family law solicitors can give you more information at any of our offices, located in Worcester, Cheltenham, Birmingham, Hereford, Ross-on-Wye and the Thames Valley (Reading). We also have a serviced office in London where our family lawyers can arrange to meet you.

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