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Our China practice is led by Nicolas Groffman, who spent 16 years practising as a lawyer in Beijing and Shanghai and before that studied Chinese at Cambridge University. Our years of experience in China, and track record on numerous complex international investments into China, have provided us with an exceptional understanding of the local legal and economic landscape.  Our ties with China are personal, not just business.

How we deliver what you need

We draw on the resources of more than 40 lawyers at different firms in China, with expertise in different areas of law.  We also have a strong network of friends in Chinese business, commerce, government and politics through our own personal connections in China.

Unlike firms that simply outsource China legal work to Chinese law firms they barely know, we do as much Chinese legal advice work in-house to avoid the restrictions of China’s cyber security law and its restrictions on lawyers’ ability to guarantee confidentiality.  For security reasons all client materials relating to China advice are retained on our UK servers and can provide legal advice on anything you might want to do.  Where necessary, we draw on the expertise of trusted lawyers in China with special expertise.

Nicolas Groffman

Partner, Head of International

Direct Dial: +44 3301 075 803
Mobile: +44 7816 592 934

How can we help you?

Adding value to international legal advice

There are some areas where our experience and connections enable us to provide additional value for our clients, including:

  • In-country investigations and due diligence
  • Negotiations with Chinese counter parties
  • Risk minimisation

Providing a whole service to our clients doing business in China we also advise on the following:

  • Personal security
  • Marketing and branding
  • Business partners
  • Culture and language

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