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Intellectual Property

You've got a great idea…

You have been working on a new idea and the time has come to develop it commercially - what do you need to do? First, you'll need some advice on intellectual property and how to protect what is yours, and then you'll need some sound commercial advice to help you set up the kind of business you have in mind.

Rob Cobley
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Banking and Finance

Jon Whitbread
Partner, Head of Finance Group
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But you need finance for it

Banks aren't the only possibility for business funding - the range of investors and funding streams is growing every day. Finance Generator matches those seeking funding with the right kind of investors for their business, and our banking and finance experts make sure that your financial future is built on firm foundations.

Banking and Finance


It's time to take on a partner…

Setting up a partnership properly means that your business can flourish with their extra input but that you are both protected well into the future. Advice on contracts is just as important - you want healthy business relationships at every level and the right contracts can make the crucial difference.

Robert Capper
Partner, Head of Commercial Team and Sectors
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Employment & Immigration

Jenny Okafor-Jones
Partner (Barrister), Head of Employment & Immigration Team
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And we need more staff

Employment law can be complex and our advisers can help you both with employment contracts but also with personnel issues - Eagle HR can help you to make your business both a great place to work and a real powerhouse for talent. If you want to widen your horizons and draw staff from abroad, we can help you meet all the immigration rules too.

Employment & Immigration


There are so many rules to obey…

Every field has its regulators, from the basic health and safety issues which all employers must handle to very technical requirements governed by specific regulators. We will help you steer through the regulatory landscape, avoiding the pitfalls and complying with the law, as well as supporting you when things go wrong.

Heath Thomas
Partner, Head of Licensing & Regulatory Team and Wye Valley Office
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Real Estate

Matt Hayes
Partner, Head of Hereford Office, Real Estate Team
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The business is growing - we need more space

It's going so well that you need more office space or a new manufacturing base - our Real Estate team knows the market and has experience at local, regional and national level, so they are ideally placed to make sure you get the right agreements in place to secure the property you

Real Estate

Dispute Resolution

We're being threatened with legal action - what do we do?

Not only can we help you to resolve the dispute, but we can also discuss how to manage your reputation too. We are ready to fight your corner for you, but we also know that costly court cases are seldom the answer - most disputes are better settled between those involved and we have an excellent record there.

Richard Morgan
Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Defence, Security and the Forces Sector & London Office
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Rod Thomas
Managing Partner, Head of Corporate
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You've made an offer they can't refuse…

The business is thriving and you want to take over a smaller competitor; our corporate specialists will do all the due diligence to make sure the deal is sound and will take you through the whole process. Or perhaps you have been made an offer for your own business - we can make sure that you get the right deal for you.


Restructuring & Insolvency

The tide has turned against us…

Restructuring is often an option if you are ready to make changes, but there are times when insolvency is the only way open to you. We do all we can to make the process smoother and more human, so that you are in the best position possible to plan ahead.

Sam Payne
Partner, Head of Restructuring & Insolvency Team
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