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Intellectual Property

You’ve got a great idea…

The time has come to promote your idea – what next? First, you will need some advice on intellectual property and how to protect what is uniquely yours. Next you will need some sound commercial advice to set up the business and structure to start trading.

Rob Cobley
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Banking and Finance

Jon Whitbread
Partner, Head of Finance Group
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But how do you finance it?

You may have some of your own finances to contribute at the start, but it might be wise not to depend on those alone. Finance Generator matches those seeking finance with the right kind of funders for their business, and our banking and finance experts make sure that the legal paperwork protects all investors.

Banking and Finance


Time to involve others?

Is it time for other family members to join you as partners? Or perhaps you’re looking to recruit at a senior level from outside the family? We can advise on partnership agreements, director appointments and shareholders’ agreements to protect everyone. We can also help you set up pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements to protect your business for the future.

Robert Capper
Partner, Head of Commercial Team and Sectors
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Employment & Immigration

Jenny Okafor-Jones
Partner (Barrister), Head of Employment & Immigration Team
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And you need more staff……

Employing staff can be tricky and more so if they are family too – make sure that you have the right policies in place to comply with often complex employment law and personnel issues.

Employment & Immigration

Real Estate

The business is growing – we need more space…..

Our Real Estate team knows the market and has experience at local, regional and national level. They are ideally placed to make sure you secure the property you need. Deciding who owns the premises from which the business trades needs careful thought particularly in relation to taxation matters.

Matt Hayes
Partner, Head of Hereford Office, Real Estate Team
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Dispute Resolution

Richard Morgan
Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution, Defence, Security and the Forces Sector & London Office
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We have fallen out – what can we do?

We are ready to fight your corner for you, but we know that costly court cases are seldom the answer – most disputes are better settled by mediation and alternative methods of resolution. We have trained collaborators who can help.

Dispute Resolution

Family Law

My wife and I are getting divorced – will the business be involved too?

Divorce affects everyone deeply, and if there is a family business involved, the situation can be really tricky to navigate. For a steady hand and calm advice throughout, our family law experts will guide you through, working to protect your assets and your family.

Andy Caldicott
Partner, Head of Relationships and Family Law Team
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Rod Thomas
Managing Partner, Head of Corporate
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It’s time to move on – who will take over?

No one works forever and at some stage you need to make sure that your business transfers into safe hands for the future. We can help with exit strategies such as management buy outs as well as passing on shares to family members in the most tax efficient way.


Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

How will the business survive you?

A sudden death in the family is traumatic enough without having to worry about how the business will be affected. Our estate planning specialists can make sure all family members have wills and powers of attorney in place to cover all eventualities.

Dawn Oliver
Partner, Head of Wills, Trusts and Estates
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