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Setting Up a Trust

Setting up a trust can be an effective way of minimising inheritance tax liability, keeping control of your assets and making charitable donations. Our team of wills, trusts and estates lawyers have considerable experience when it comes to setting up and administering trusts, both for individuals and charities, and can act as professional trustees if required.

How can a trust help me?

A trust can help you in a number of ways, allowing you to reduce tax liabilities, protect a family business, defer children’s inheritance until a specified age, control the distribution of assets over time, or make charitable donations.

A trust doesn’t just need to be set up in the event of your death –  it can be used to reduce tax liability while you’re still alive. For example, we helped a client who had a number of rental properties reduce his inheritance tax liability and avoid capital gains tax by setting up a trust, rather than gifting assets directly to his son.

Making tax simple

Navigating the tax landscape isn’t always easy, so our advisers will show you how we can ethically reduce the impact of inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax in plain, simple terms.

A trust can be especially useful if you have assets that are going to increase in value, and you want the value of that gain to sit outside your estate, or if you want to provide for your children or grandchildren’s education in a tax-efficient way. Whatever your circumstances and motivations, our will trusts and estates solicitors will talk you through the range of options and make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

How can we help you?

Our Experience

Our detailed knowledge of the complex law of trusts and the ever-changing law relating to the taxation of trusts, combined with our understanding of our clients’ needs, enables us to advise on all aspects of the creation of trusts, the ongoing administration of those trusts and ultimately, once the trusts’ purposes have been served, the winding up of the trusts.

We have a large dedicated trust management team which administers a significant number of trusts, considerably easing the burden for trustees by dealing with investment managers and HM Revenue & Customs and ensuring the trustees meet the considerable obligations with which they are entrusted.

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