Park Homes

Purchasing a park home is a significant investment and following changes to the park home legislation there are important factors that should be taken into account prior to making such a purchase.

We at Harrison Clark Rickerbys have an expert residential property team, who are able to advise and act on not only the purchase of a park home, but also the sale.

We offer our clients a fixed price quote, whether buying or selling, and offer a friendly, but efficient service, to our clients.   For more information on our services, please contact Neil Etherington, based in our Hereford office, who will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your sale or purchase.   His telephone number is 01432 349 719.   Alternatively, contact him on his e-mail address,

In 2013, the law in relation to the purchase, sale and management of park homes changed and has become more complex to protect the rights of park home owners and also site owners .The procedures have been formalised and in England, such matters are governed by the Mobile Homes Act 2013.   Wales has its own Act with slightly different provisions.  The rules also slightly differ if the park home being sold was purchased by the current owner prior to 26th May 2013.

Generally, if selling a park home acquired after 26th May 2013, the site owner does not have to be informed of the sale until the sale itself has been completed.  However, if the property was purchased prior to that date, notice must be served on the site owner prior to the sale.

Prescribed forms must be completed and provided, again depending on when the park home was purchased, to the buyer and also the site owner.   There is also an assignment deed, which transfers the current pitch agreement from the park home owner to the buyer.   The buyer will pay 90% of the sale price and the balance to the site owner.    The buyer takes over the seller’s pitch agreement and owns the home.  Using the assignment forms, the buyer has seven days in which to tell the site owner and provide evidence of payment.    The position is similar if the park home is gifted.

When selling or gifting a park home, the seller or donee will need:-

  1. Buyers information form
  2. Notice of proposed sale
  3. Assignment form
  4. Notice of assignment form
  5. Notice of proposed gift form

If you are buying or selling a park home and require further assistance, please contact Neil Etherington at, who will be able to assist with your enquiries.