Top legal tips from HCR Worcester

20th November 2020

HCR may have a firm foundation in Worcester but we do not stand still.

We offer all our clients – local, national and international – excellent pragmatic and commercial advice. Whether you are selling your home, handing over a family business, making your will or reviewing your commercial contracts, our Worcester team can help.

Take a look at our videos for legal tips from the experts.

If you have concerns about medical treatment you’ve had, Ally Taft offers practical advice

If you’re worried that your medical treatment has made matters worse, rather than better, medical negligence expert Ally Taft offers clear advice to help to resolve problems.

Find out more about how we can help you to get the answers you need after your medical treatment.

Honesty is the key when facing divorce or separation, advises divorce expert James Osborne

Be honest from the start during divorce or separation proceedings and be ready to compromise for the sake of your future; Worcester divorce lawyer James Osborne offers top tips for the road ahead.

How we can help you look to a new future after divorce or separation; find out more here.

Customer contracts are key to selling regulated healthcare businesses, advises Joe Mulrenan

Attention to detail and a knowledge of your customer contracts will be key to selling your regulated healthcare business; corporate healthcare specialist Joe Mulrenan offers top tips on the way forward.

Find out more about how our healthcare team can help you.

For those selling their business, Tom Bartley-Smith offers top tips for a successful result

Having run a successful Worcestershire firm himself, corporate lawyer is ideally placed to offer top tips to those planning to sell their business.

Find out more about how our corporate team can help you take your business forward.

If you’re facing a dispute, what do you need to do? Dispute resolution expert Tom Williams advises

Checking your contracts and your insurance policies, as well as keeping a note of evidence, will strengthen your position if you become involved in a commercial dispute, advises dispute resolution/litigation lawyer Tom Williams.

Find out more about how our dispute resolution team can help you.

Do your commercial contracts meet your needs? Daniel De Saulles advises on the way ahead

Commercial lawyer Daniel De Saulles offers top tips on how to meet the future with commercial contracts fit for purpose for your business.

Find out more about how our commercial team can help you take your business forward.

Leaving a commercial lease – key advice from Philip Parkinson

Extracting yourself early from a commercial lease is not easy – Worcester-based real estate expert Philip Parkinson offers essential advice.

Find out more about how we can help you with your commercial property.


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