An injunction is an emergency remedy in the form of a Court Order that requires a party to do or refrain from doing specific acts.

There are times when emergency relief is the only option to prevent a former employee ignoring their restrictive covenants, making unauthorised use of intellectual property, or committing fraud. Emergency relief may also be required to recover goods and assets or prevent damage to property. Swift action is required. This may involve an application to the Court for an injunction Order for delivery up, to search premises and seize goods or a freezing order to prevent disposal of assets.

A party which breaches undertakings given to the Court or the terms of an injunction may be held to be in contempt of Court and liable to imprisonment, a fine or the seizure of assets.

We are able to advise you on the most appropriate way to protect your interests and act immediately to achieve your objective. We can help you obtain an injunction or advise you if you have been threatened with an injunction.

Examples of our recent injunctions include:

  • Freezing the assets of a debtor to prevent them from being transferred out of the UK
  • An application for delivery up of cargo illegally impounded by a contractor
  • The prevention of the use of confidential information and trade secrets by a former employee

We are also experienced in supervising the execution of search and seize orders.