Professional Negligence

Sometimes professional advisors make mistakes and the consequences, which are not always apparent at an early stage, can be significant and far-reaching.

Obtaining professional advice is considered prudent to avoid risk.  If you have relied on that advice and it proves to be wrong then you are entitled to be compensated for the consequences of the poor advice or service.

Professional advisors owe a duty of care to their clients. If they have failed to perform their responsibilities to the required standard you may be able to recover damages for any losses you have suffered if you can demonstrate that the professional breached the duty of care and the breach caused loss to you.

Our specialist team has extensive experience in pursuing complex professional negligence claims against solicitors, accountants, surveyors, financial advisors, IT consultants, auditors, insurance brokers and other professionals.

Right from the outset we will provide you with a frank assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and a strategy based on a realistic budget to help you to achieve an early and cost effective settlement. We employ all tactics at our disposal, including pre-action correspondence, alternative dispute resolution and, if necessary, issuing court proceedings to achieve the best outcome for you.

Those who have suffered professional negligence may, as a result, be unable to afford to pursue their claim. We will also explore the funding options available for you, which may include “no win, no fee” agreements, third party funding and insurance.

Recent Experience includes:

  • Claims against accountants/auditors concerning incorrect tax advice; failing to file documents with HMRC; audit errors
  • Claims against solicitors for failing to adhere to time limits; for failing to ensure adequate rights of way had been granted to access property; for failing to service proper notice; for failing to register documents
  • Claims against architects and surveyors in failing to manage property development and remedial works
  • Claims against trustees for failing to comply with their obligations under Trust Deeds
  • Claims against wealth planners in failing to properly advise on investments and pensions