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Funding dispute resolution options for individuals

Dealing with any legal dispute can be highly stressful and all-consuming. Funding your legal services can be equally stressful – what suits one client is not necessarily appropriate for another – that’s why we offer a range of innovative and flexible methods to help you manage legal costs and reduce the risks of bringing a claim in dispute resolution matters.

Our clients

The cost of your legal representation shouldn’t be another problem for you at an already difficult time. We offer a range of options for clients to fund their matters from the outset; this allows all our attention to be focused on you and your case.

Choosing the right option

How a matter is funded is a result of many unique factors. What may work for one client, due to their liquidity or need for certainty of budgeting, may not for another.

Our aim is to understand you and your matter to ensure that the options proposed for you to choose from are bespoke to your situation.

We can offer clients a variety of charging and payment options, such as:

  • Private funding
  • Set or capped fees for agreed specific works, irrespective of then how long the work then takes
  • Full-cost conditional fee agreements, also known as ‘No Win No Fee’
  • Hybrid conditional fee agreements, allowing only a smaller percentage of our fees to be paid, with the balance being paid only once the agreed definition of ‘success’ has been achieved, also known as ‘No Win Reduced Fee’
  • Third party litigation funding.

We’ll work with you to ensure you have a bespoke funding option while keeping the process of charging as simple as possible.  In appropriate cases, we will also explore with you whether you may insurer your opponent’s legal costs in the event losing.

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