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If you’re feeling unfairly treated at work, taking your employer to task can be tricky. The further up the ladder you are, the greater the financial implications and impact on your career. It’s in these crucial moments that we excel for our clients, who include senior employees and board members, including those in the public eye. We have a passion for fairness, especially in achieving equal pay for senior women.

Working with you, for you

Whether you’re looking for support with an exit that’s quick, discreet and without financial detriment and unnecessary conflict, or you’re looking to negotiate good terms in a new role, we’re here to help.

If you’re feeling undervalued, bullied or discriminated against, we’ve got a sympathetic ear and expert advice backed up with a strong track record in holding employers to account when executives face unfair discipline or discrimination on grounds of gender, race or disability. We can also negotiate settlement agreements on your behalf, as well as give you restrictive covenant advice.

Michael Stokes

Partner, Head of Employment and Immigration Team

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How can we help you?

On your side

The highly skilled legal experts who make up our Senior Executive team are led by a barrister who also sits an employment judge.

Our team of employment solicitors, will listen carefully to your circumstances and will never judge you. We’ll work with you to come up with a plan of action and negotiate the very best deal or exit package on your behalf. We’ll always treat you with respect and honesty, helping you to get justice and move swiftly between jobs without financial hardship.

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